Our Current Lead Time is 3-4 Weeks

Raised Panel Doors


Add beauty and style to your home with Solid Wood Raised Panel Doors. It adds character to your home and becomes one of the main focal points of your homes interior.  Our Solid Wood Raised Panel Doors are manufactured in Burghill, Ohio, USA.

  • All Door Styles Same Price Except 5514, 5515, 5531, and 5545 which are additional 10%
  • All horizontal panels have horizontal wood grain.

Raised Panel Door Designs are reproductions of different doors done in separate periods of our nations history.  For example, our Colonial 8-Panel doors were popular during the American colonial period.  Some door styles, such as our Victorian 6 Panel Doors, were popular in the Victorian era;  roughly late 19th to the early 20th century. Our Arts & Craft Designs were popular in the Arts and Craft era of the early 20th century. Other styles, such as our cross style, have religious motifs.

Whatever your home style, we have door styles and woods to complement your homes’ design.

  • Raised Panel doors styles can have either horizontal or vertical panels.
  • Raised Panels float within the frame of the door, and are not glued to allow for expansion and contraction of the door panels.
  • Raised Panel Doors are made up of three parts: panels, stiles and rails.
  • The Door Stiles are the two long vertical pieces on each side of the door. One side is attached to the door jamb with hinges. The other side is bored for the door knob or lever, so that it can be latch to the jamb when shut.
  • The other part of the door is the rail. The rails are the horizontal and/or vertical pieces in the door that surround the panels and attach to the stiles.