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French Doors


Our Interior French Doors will beautifully accentuate any room with their organic, natural wood construction and also amplify the light and increase the brightness of your home.

One Lite French Doors

One Lite French DoorsOur custom one lite french doors are available in a wide variety of decorative glass.

You can buy glass with a frosted look, or just clear glass with decorative patterns that you can see through. Some patterns can be seen through up close, and get more blurred as the distance increases. All the glass shown here is tempered safety glass.

Pricing and Options
1 3/8" Thick  |  1 3/4" Thick


Divided Lite French Doors

Divided Lite French DoorsDivided Lite means that the door has multiple pieces of glass in each door.

We have divided lite french doors in three types. These are commonly made in five, ten, and fifteen lite designs. Other designs may also be available.

The first type that we have is our divided lite doors with wood mullions between the glass, with beveled glass used for the separate pieces. The second type is our standard clear glass with wood mullions. The third type of divided lite french door that we have is our grooved glass. This is actually one piece of glass, but divided into sections with grooves.

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Pricing and Options
Clear Glass - 1 3/8":  6/8 (80")   |  7/0 (84")
Clear Glass - 1 3/4":  6/8 (80")  |  7/0 (84")   |  8/0 (96")
Beveled glass -  1 3/8" :  6/8 (80")  |  1 3/4" :  6/8 (80")
Grooved Glass:  1 3/8"   |  1 3/4"

Bifold French Doors

Bifold French DoorsOur bifold french doors are available in both one lite and 5 lite doors.

These bifolds can be used as standard bifold units or as multifold units, depending upon the hardware. We have all the glass options available that we have in our other doors, including standard clear glass, beveled glass, and our decorative glass. With glass as an option, theses doors are more normally used between rooms, or in hallways, to let light through.


Pricing and Options:
Bifold french doors with beveled glass
-  1 3/8" x 6/7  |  1 3/4" x 6/7

1 3/ 4” x 7 / 11 Bi-Fold French Doors with Clear Tempered BEVELED Glass with One Panel Below

Bifold french doors with clear tempered glass-  1 3/8" x 6/7  |  1 3/4" x 6/7

1 3/ 4” x 7 / 11 Bi-Fold French Doors with Clear TEMPERED Glass with One Panel Below