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Flat Panel Interior Door Styles


Flat panel interior doors have a simpler look with cleaner lines than the traditional raised panel look. Our flat panel designs are available in all the same configurations as our raised panel doors, with some additional styles.

Available styles in flat panel designs

5000-artsandcrafts-flatKinsman Collection - See Styles

This newest collection of doors that we manufacture has a clean, simple look, with larger panels. The panels are made of high quality ½" hardwood of the same wood type as the rest of the door that you are purchasing.

For example, the cherry doors would have the same type of plywood. This plywood is a very durable type with glues that hold up to more extreme conditions than you would ever experience in any house.

The plywood panels in these styles are needed due to the fact that the solid wood panels in our regular flat panel doors can crack due to the extreme widths of the panels. The solid wood panels are better suited to our standard flat panel doors, called either our arts and crafts or mission style doors.


Arts and Crafts or Mission Style Doors- See Styles

Our arts and crafts style doors, or mission style doors, as they are also called, add the same simple elegance as the kinsman collection flat panel doors, but with more panels in solid wood. See our matching bifold doors to these door styles.