Our Current Lead Time is 3-4 Weeks

Pricing For Custom Size Doors & Other Custom Requirements

1. All raised and flat panel bifolds and standard doors in standard styles:

a. Go to next size up – add 50% for odd heighth or width
b. For both odd heighth and width – add 75% to price of next heighth and width up.
c. If heighth or width exceeds maximum sizes of our listed heights and widths,
Inquire if size is available, e-mail us at marketing@thehouseweb.net.com or call toll-free to 800-772-0314 . If not in the United States, call us at 330-772-0035.

2. For all odd size glass doors, pricing will be at higher add on charge, due to having to buy purchase small custom quantities of glass. Our standard sizes on these are bought in large quantities. Inquire for pricing on these odd size doors.

Examples: For raised panel or flat panel doors

33” wide x 6’8” (80”) 

Use pricing for 34” wide x 80” high – Add 50% to price

33” wide x 82” high
Use pricing for 34” wide x 84” high – Add 75% to price

23” wide x 60” high
Use pricing for 24” wide x 80” high – Add 75% to price

35” wide x 8’0” (96”) high
Use pricing for 36” wide x 96” high – Add 50% to price
*Note –Doors over 7’ (7 foot) high are only available in 8’ heighths

3. For Cherry Doors, where perfect color is wanted, with no variation, Add 40% to pricing, due to need to hand sort all the materials. Natural cherry will have some variation in color and grain, even though this is not considered adetriment to the grade of the lumber. This is the reason that cherry furniture is normally finished very dark, to cover up this natural variation. We try to minimize our variation in the standard cherry doors, but some may occur.